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Whether residential or commercial air conditioning systems can heat and cool rooms with ease and be cost effective. But with a wide range of environments and personal needs to cater for you’d be right in thinking that there are many product options and manufacturers. At Air-ex we are here to help you find the right air conditioning system and backup it up with great service.


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air conditioning system by air-exHow To Choose An Air Conditioning System

If you are looking at several air conditioning systems for your home, office, conservatory or business, then there are some factors you need to take into consideration.

Firstly, size is essential when choosing the product and its output. Air conditioning systems can be more cost effective if you measure the cubic area of the room that needs cooling and heating then choose a product that can deliver.

You should check to see if walls are insulated and choose an air conditioning product that suits the aspect of the room i.e. North/South facing.

test3Air conditioning systems can last for 12-15 years so choosing the right position is essential or you may have to pay for relocations costs in the future.

> You can have ceiling, floor or wall air conditioning systems and if you have no external wall then extra piping will be required. We are experienced in these issues and can advise accordingly.

> You can also design air conditioning systems for spot heating – focusing heat and cooling on a specific area.

> Finally, you’ll have many energy consumption options and certain air conditioning systems that have more power and heat then others

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