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Climate Control

Using Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps to Heat and Cool Rooms

Climate control for any room has never been easier than it is now and with some really cool options and affordable prices you’ll be amazed how much more comfortable life can be. With Air-ex you’ll find the perfect climate control solution for home, office and business, topped up with professional installations and great support service.


commercial air conditioning
Air Conditioning Systems

If you are looking at several air conditioning systems for your home, office, conservatory or business, then there are some factors you will need to take into consideration.


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air con 1
Air Conditioners

With heating and cooling plus stylish designs your days of climate control are here, but what else should you think about before you commit to buy, install and invest in.


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heat pump
Heating Systems

We can heat any sized room using air source heat pumps and climate control systems, and be surprised what options you have at your disposal and how cost effective it is.


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Did You Know That Air Conditioners Heat & Cool, Or Cost As Little As 40 Pence A Day.

For example, an AA rated climate control system running for 500 hours would use 30kWh of electrical energy with an assumed energy cost of £0.10 per kilowatt hour – that converts to just £0.73 per week.

An air source heat pump gains its efficiency by absorbing heat from the outside air, it then transfers this free heat to the space to be warmed. In the cooling mode the heat pump removes the heat from the space to be cooled and transfers this heat to the outdoor air.