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Now, Check Frequently Asked Questions Below

Now, Check Frequently Asked Questions Below

An AA rated climate control system running for 500 hours would use 30kWh of electrical energy with an assumed energy cost of £0.10 per kilowatt hour – that converts to just £0.73 per week.

The actual products come with a 1-5 year warranty and depends on the brand and model purchased.

Minimal. Most installs can be done in a day and there is little disruption to your decor, and we work around you so you have the least inconvenience.

No they do not but you may get bad odors with poor maintenance.

It depends on the brand and model but you can get cream, white, black, silver, brown and pictures that you can frame the frontage of the unit.

Apart from heating and cooling from one unit it also uses very little energy and can improve air quality.