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Heating Systems


Our renewable energy heating systems uses air source heat pump and is very cost effective way of implementing a heating system.

This is because the heat pump consists of two heat exchangers; one indoor and outdoor one; a refrigerant gas changes state through the system as it operates. This enables the gas to extract heat from the outside air and convert it to large amounts of heat energy.


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When you look at an air conditioning unit you may think that it only cools but they actually heat as well and make a great heating system for both domestic and commercial properties.

The heating cycle of the air conditioner will warm your home or office within 10-15 minutes of been switched on and will maintain the set temperature at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating. Put simply, 1kW of power will provide 3kW of heat energy, whereas a traditional electric heater only provides 1kW of heat energy for 1kW of power

> You can have ceiling, floor or wall air conditioners and if you have air-ex air to air heat pumpno external wall then extra piping will be required.

> We are experienced in these issues and can advise accordingly.

> You can also design air conditioners for spot heating – focusing heat and cooling on a specific area.

> Finally, you’ll have many energy consumption options and certain air conditioners that have more power and heat than others.