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Home Air Conditioning

Home air conditioning used as your source of air cooling and heating you will allow you to make considerable savings on your heating and cooling costs. That’s why Air-ex provides a full design, home air conditioning installation and maintenance service for effective small and large home air conditioning projects throughout Somerset and the South West.

Your Home Air Conditioning Options

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMultifunctional cooling and heating system with the ability to filter and purify the air you breathe, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment for you, your staff & your customers

Energy efficient, inverter controlled air conditioning systems, work by maintaining the temperature, with the minimum use of power.

In real terms with correctly sized air conditioning, £1 worth of energy into the air conditioner will provide £3-£5 worth of heat energy. Compared to radiators, and depending on the efficiency of your boiler, £1 worth of energy into the boiler could be producing as little as 60 pence worth of heat energy.

Floor mounted air conditioning units are a great way to provide climate control, heating and cooling around the perimeter of the room.

They can be incased as shown in the left picture or free standing against a wall. Reasons for choosing a floor standing air conditioning unit would include or mounting issues with the ceiling or wall, or you may simple wish to provide air flow closer to the person.

home4Wall mounted air-conditioning units are the most common units and come in variety options, colours, power, and functionality.

They also fit well with small to medium sized rooms, ideal for the office, small commercial premises, comms rooms, waiting areas and restaurants. Wall mounted units start from 2.5kW for the smaller room and rising to 12Kw+ for the larger space.

home5Ceiling mounted air conditioning units are mainly used where wall space is a commodity. They can be flush or under ceiling fitted to suit both suspended and plasterboard ceilings.

More importantly, mounting the air conditioning unit centrally within the room generates a greater air-flow. This in turn provides more effective cooling and heating. Pus you get a complete 360 degree distribution of air.